Retain a family law attorney in Charleston, SC

Retain a family law attorney in Charleston, SC

Your Divorce Doesn't Have to Be Messy

You've built a life with your spouse, and now you share children, real estate and bank accounts between you. When you file for divorce, you'll have to untangle these shared aspects of your life. A family law attorney can help-make an appointment with Stokes Legal, LLC in Charleston, South Carolina today.

We know that when it comes to divorce, every family is different. When you meet with a divorce attorney from our firm, you can go over the specifics of your family's situation. We can answer your questions about child custody, alimony and other issues that affect your future.

Rely on us for help with all family law matters

Going through a divorce is complicated and stressful, especially if you have a high-value shared estate. You don’t have to deal with it on your own. A qualified divorce attorney can:

  • Litigate family disputes of all types
  • Resolve complex child custody issues
  • File restraining orders and orders of protection
  • Divide shared property and assets
  • Negotiate child support payments

Reach out to Stokes Legal, LLC in Charleston, SC today to speak with a family law attorney about your situation.