Don't let it-retain a drug charge attorney in Charleston, SC

Don't let it-retain a drug charge attorney in Charleston, SC

One Drug Conviction Can Ruin Your Record

Stokes Legal, LLC represents clients in the Charleston, SC area who have been charged with drug crimes, such as drug possession. An attorney from our firm can protect your rights during your drug crime case. We'll examine all of the evidence pertaining to your case, such as the type and weight of the drug. You can rely on us to build the best case possible.

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Minor in Possession Defense Attorneys

While an arrest for underage drinking can come with fines and court costs, the most serious problem may be your record. A conviction can also result in suspension or expulsion from school and/or a loss of scholarships and financial aid. Additionally, many future employers will look poorly upon a criminal record.
In addition to charges of underage drinking, our firm also represents individuals on charges of alcohol possession, underage drinking and driving and open container charges.

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Start building a case against drug charges today

A drug crime conviction on your record is no joke—it can make it impossible to get a job or secure housing. You need a strong defense against these serious charges. Meet with a drug charge attorney today if you’ve been charged with:

  • Drug possession
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Underage drinking

Reach out to Stokes Legal, LLC today to speak with a drug possession attorney in Charleston, SC. We’ll do our best to get your charges reduced or dismissed so that you don’t have to live with a serious drug conviction on your record.